Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your offices located?
Our main building is now the Medical Arts & Research Center (MARC) at 8300 Floyd Curl Drive in the Medical Center. We no longer have clinics at the Diagnostic Pavilion building on Medical Drive. Click here for map.

We also see patients at the CTRC, University Hospital and other facilities. There is a map link next to every clinic address to locate that clinic.

Which insurance plans do you accept?
We accept most major insurance plans in San Antonio and Texas, including plans from Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare, Valley Baptist and many others. Click for a list. It is best to call your health insurance company or health plan to verify your coverage.

Will I be seen by doctors or students?
You will be seen by doctors who are the faculty of the School of Medicine. Occasionally a medical student may be assisting, similar to how a nurse would. Most of our students are helping with patients at University Hospital, which is our primary teaching hospital. Students also work with our may other clinical teaching partners, including private physicians and other University Health Clinics around Texas.

What is a "resident"?
A resident is a physician who has graduated with an M.D. degree and is undergoing additional training. Most doctors do this after medical school. All residents are supervised by an Attending Physician who is a doctor and typically a professor of the type of medicine the resident is training in. The Attending Physician does not have to be in the room with the resident when he sees you, but he must review and approve decisions made by a resident physician.

Do I have to go to University Hospital for an operation?
University Hospital is one of many options available. In fact, most surgeries which do not require a hospital setting can be done at one of UT Medicine 's Ambulatory Surgery Centers at the MARC. We also perform surgeries at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Northwest , St Luke's Baptist, North Central Baptis, as well as University Hospital.

Is UT Medicine the same as University Hospital?
No. UT Medicine is a separate set of clinics. Many School of Medicine faculty see patients in University Health System clinics. UT Medicine is a separate unit of faculty physicians from the School of Medicine. These clinics are managed by UT Medicine for the School of Medicine.

University Health System clinics -- and University Hospital -- are managed by University Health System, which is owned by Bexar County. They also use our School of Medicine faculty as doctors. This can be very confusing. If you need help finding your UT Medicine physician or clinic, please call our main number (210) 450-9000. You can go to the University Hospital Physician Finder by clicking here.

Does the School of Medicine or UT Health Science Center have its own hospital?
No. The Health Science Center does not own a hospital. University Hospital, our main teaching partner (which is next to the School) is owned and operated by Bexar County. This can be confusing since the doctors from the School of Medicine work at University Hospital and in hospitals all over Central and South Texas, including the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital here in the Medical Center.

Can I be in a research study or clinical trial?
UT Medicine is a medical practice the same as other private medical practices, but many of our doctors at the School of Medicine (and the other areas at the UT Health Science Center) are actively involved in medical research. You can find most UT Health Science Center research programs here: