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Healthcare Professionals

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For further assitance in patient referrals, please call our Physician Relations manager:

      Lisa Dickson, Physician Relations
      Office: (210) 450 0547       Cell: (210) 452-4463

Physician / Provider Opportunities
If you are interested in working with UT Medicine as a physician or other type of provider, please go to this page for a link to the departments and their provider openings.

Continuing Medical Education, Grand Rounds & Tumor Boards
The School of Medicine offers many different CME courses and conferences. Grand Rounds at the School of Medicine are a great way to fulfill your CME requirements and stay in touch with the School's research and educational leaders. If you haven't tried our Grand Rouns, you should. It's easy and free. Most last one hour and are first thing in the morning. Often they are conducted by guest speakers from other medical universities.

Our Department of Family & Community Medicine offers over 100 online courses in many different subjects. In our easy-to-use web tool, you can watch the speaker while viewing the slides. Click to see the listings and watch the courses.

Below are links to the Grand Round Schedules for our departments. You may also call the department directly for more information. Click here for a list of departments at the School of Medicine.

Tumor Boards are found under the same CME listings here and at the Department of Surgery Tumor Boards page. If you do not find the information you need, please call our Continuing Medical Education office at:

   Phone: (210) 567-4491    Toll Free: (866) 601-4448.    Fax (210) 567-6964

   Business Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Grand Round Links by Department
Note: Most Grand Round Schedules are found on the lower, left hand column of the web page.

Family & Community Medicine (On Campus)
Family &Community Med.





Practice-Based Research Networks(PBRNs)
You can see a list of active PBRNs here or visit the Institution for the Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS) website to for more information.

Center for Patient Safety and Health Policy
Click to learn more about our programs, courses and events on Clinical Safety and Effectiveness and Interprofessional Education.

Continuing Nursing Education
The School of Nursing at the UT Health Science Center offers many excellent CNE courses. Click here to see the course offerings.