UT Medicine - Senior Health

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Medical Center, Tower 1


We don't just offer geriatrics as an extra service -- that is all we do. All our phsycians specialize in the care of older adults who suffer from multiple chronic health problems.

Most of our patients have had trouble finding doctors who have the time to udnerstand their health convers. Or they have been confused by having a doctor for each problem, often with no one looking at the over all health of the individual. The goal of Senior Health is to help you coordinate your care and prioritize your healthcare needs.


Family Medicine

Family Medicine

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Family Medicine

Phone Numbers

Phone: 210-450-9890
Fax: 210-450-4985

Clinic Location

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Medical Center, Tower 1
2829 Babcock Rd , 5th Floor, Suite 525
San Antonio, Texas 78229
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Care Provided

UT Medicine Senior Health provides doctors that are board certified in geriatrics, as well as nurse practitioners who are certified in geriatric care. Our office is designed just for you and is easily accessible with handicapped parking, automatic doors, handicapped restrooms and a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

In addition to our clinic, we also supervise the care of our patients in all settings such as the hospital, nursing home, home health and hospice.

We act as a team with each member of our staff to serve you better. This team-based care approach includes physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers and others who all contribute to your care.

Common conditions that we treat:

• Medical checkups
• Adult immunizations
• Complete health evaluations
• Coordination of care among specialists and physicians
• End-of-life care, hospice and palliative care

Additionally, we treat a number of common conditions:
• Polypharmacy (taking too many medications)
• Osteoporosis (soft bones)
• Urinary incontinence
• Weight loss
• Memory problems
• Heart failure
• Incontinence
• Arthritis
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Hearing and vision difficulty
• Dementia
• Alzheimer’s disease